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AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG - HR Shared Service Center

Josef-Reither-Straße 21-23

3430 Tulln


Contact Fruit Preparations

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Contact AGRANA Feed

E-mail: feed@ Remove this

Contact AGRANA Ethanol

Bioethanol, Alcohol

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Harald Lemp


Phone: +43 2852 503 19300, E-mail: harald.lemp@ Remove this

Ingolf Sonnleitner

Beefeed, BioAgenasol

Phone: +43 1 21177 12843, E-mail: ingolf.sonnleitner@ Remove this

Pavel Micenko


Phone: +43 676 8926 16965, E-mail: pavel.micenko@ Remove this

Peter Samhaber


Phone: +43 676 8926 11540, E-mail: peter.samhaber@ Remove this

Sugar European Union Sales Contact

Sales Contact Industry Sugar European Union

Phone: +43 2272 602, E-mail: Sugar.Sales.EU@ Remove this

Thomas Linhardt

Retail Sugar

Phone: +43 2272 602 12058, E-mail: thomas.linhardt@ Remove this

Werner Feldbacher

Beefeed, BioAgenasol

Phone: +43 1 21177 12843, E-mail: werner.feldbacher@ Remove this

International contacts

Austria Juice

E-mail: sales@ Remove this

Contact AGRANA Food Starches

Food starches and saccharification products

E-mail: food.starch@ Remove this

Contact AGRANA Cosmetic Starches

Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Starches

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Contact AGRANA Organic Starch Products

Organic Starch Products

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Contact AGRANA Paper Starches

Starches - Paper and Corrugated

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Contact AGRANA Technical Starches

Technical Starches and Specialities - Construction, Textile, Glues, Bioplastics

E-mail: technical.starch@ Remove this

Kai Antonius

Sales Director - Flavours

E-mail: kai.antonius@ Remove this

Peter Hennebichler

Corporate Sales

Phone: +43 1 211 37 0, E-mail: info.sales@ Remove this

Udo Netscher

Dirafrost - Sales Manager DE Süd, AT, CH, IT

E-mail: u.netscher@ Remove this

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