AGRANA Stärke GmbH processes agricultural commodities such as corn, potatoes and wheat to make top quality customer-specific starch and starch-based speciality products for the

  • Food and semi-luxury food industry
  • Baby food industry
  • Paper and paper processing industry
  • Textile industry
  • Construction chemistry sector
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

AGRANA only sells GMO-free products as well as a range of organic starch products. In order to be able to respond to customer demands, AGRANA cooperates closely with customers to jointly develop tailor-made solutions: optimal service levels and individual advice and support are a matter of course. AGRANA's main market in the Starch segment is the European Union.

Animal feed & fertilisers

In the interests of a sustainable production cycle, the by-products resulting from the production of starch are processed into high quality animal feeds and fertilisers.

More information about animal feeds and fertilisers